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Vicki Macfarlane

Chief Operations Officer

Tsain-Ko Group of Companies is comprised of five different entities. The Tsain-Ko Devlepment Corporation is the parent company in the Sechelt Nation’s Economic Development arm. It acts as the sole shareholder of all of the other corporations. this where all of the management, administrative and financial work is completed for all our entities. The four remaining companies that the development corporation manages are Tsain-Ko Village Shopping Centre, Forestry Limited Partnership, Forestry Development Corporation, Land Development Corporation.

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Notice to Community Member Contractors

Date Posted: 2015-07-31

Request for information to Community Member Contractors to provide updated equipment information for your portfolios, including the following:

- Year
- Attachments
- Capacity
- Specifics for Tankers, Water Tanks, and Fuel Tanks
- Any other special features...
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