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shíshálh Nation Applauds the Federal Government's New Principles for Relationships with Indigenous Peoples

Date Posted: 2017-07-14

Sechelt, BC – The shíshálh Nation applauds the release by the federal government of the Principles Respecting the Government of Canada’s Relationship with Indigenous Peoples, and in particular the focus on self-determination, the Inherent of right of self-government and the recognition of Aboriginal Title and Rights. “shíshálh has been in a self-government arrangement with the Crown for 30 years – but the shíshálh people have always owned and governed the lands and resources of our Territory, through our own laws and political structures,” said Chief Warren Paull of the shíshálh Nation. “We have been consistent in saying that a much broader recognition of our Title and Rights, including our government, laws, and jurisdiction is needed throughout shíshálh Territory. The Principles appear to be a doorway for finally moving to the next, and fundamental phase, of full implementation of our Title and Rights”.

Generations of shíshálh people have advocated for recognition of their rights, and withstood Crown efforts to assimilate and destroy shíshálh culture, language, and way of life. “shíshálh is hopeful that the Principles will finally result in real action by the federal Crown to build new agreements and understandings with us that recognize and implement our rights, our connection to the lands and resource of our Territory, our political, economic, and social structures, and the full extent of our laws. This is long overdue, and we hope for significant and quick progress,” said Chief Paull.

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