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Language Courses at Capilano University FNLG 110-the Sechelt Language III (shashishalhem III)

Date Posted: 2017-01-06

This course utilizes the communicative approach to language learning and will focus on both comprehensive and speaking. It incorporates effective language learning strategies such as TPR (Total Physical Response) and TPR Storytelling. In this course, students will acquire basic vocabulary in shashishalhem (the Sechelt Language) for describing cycles (the seasonal round, cycles of life, the life cycle of the salmon) for a shishalh perspective

For more information please and to register please contact Ashley Joe at the Health and Social Dev if you are shishalh, she will assist you to get registered. Its not too late to learn the language of our ancestor and our family be-fore us.
Ashley Joe can be reached at (604) 885 9404.

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