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The Sechelt First Nation has the following job opportunities available. We welcome applications from all qualified people, and we particularly invite applications from First Nations and other aboriginal persons. For further information, please see the contact information on the postings.

For other employment opportunities with the Sechelt Nation please visit our Contract Opportunities page.

Thank you for your interest, and please check back again!
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Employment and Training – Work Gear Retention - Education Department

Date Posted: 2016-08-04

Please note that financial assistance for Work Gear Retention is to support Band members who have an opportunity to secure employment but require work gear on a one time basis. The employer must sign your work gear retention forms to confirm that they will be hiring you once you get the proper work gear. We have been receiving a number of requests from band members who have been employed for a number of years with the same employer and are submitting request for work gear.

Please note this is for band members who have not been working therefor can not afford to purchase their own work gear. Band members who have been working are expected to purchase their own work gear as outlined from their employer.

Contact Lenora Joe for questions:
Lenora Joe
Director of Education
(604)-885-5044 ext 201
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