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Cedar Stripping the Traditional way

Date Posted: 2016-08-05

A Day trip to Salmon Inlet (skupa) Territory, to Cedar Strip Trees that were already cut down and also stripping a couple standing trees the traditional way.

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About Culture Department

Culture: Culture is how we express ourselves as a people – as a Nation. The shíshálh people have a distinct language with a unique world view. Our people have always maintained a profoundly strong connection to each other as a people, within our extended families and collectively as a self-governing Nation; this connection is spiritual and the values we have as a people extend within our relationship to our land.

The Cultural Department Vision: is to serve our people and support our leadership in revitalizing culture, language and the spirit of community at all levels of our existence.

Our Mission: to design, development and deliver a diverse set of cultural programs, activities and events to our community membership at the intergenerational level to build and establish a strong community and a strong identity as shíshálh citizens; we will aspire and commit through facilitation, language and direct actions to promote and support a citizenship (community), that acts on one each other’s behalf in a supporting and loving way, rooted in conscious living, caring and sharing in a reciprocal way.

Guiding Principals and Values: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellness; for individuals, families, our community and society


RESDISCOVERY – A Celebration of Native Environmental Studies Program and Cultural and Land Rediscovery

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