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    kwenis Building, 5555 Sunshine Coast Highway |     Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm

About Communications Department

The mission of the shíshálh Nation Communications Department is to protect and manage the Nation’s reputation, strengthen the shíshálh Nation brand image, and increase our Nation’s international brand awareness. Our communications and branding efforts support the Nation’s mission to be internationally recognized for our excellence in representing our member’s rights and title, culture, education, physical and spiritual health and protecting the future of our Nation and its people within the governing framework of Canada. We strive to better understand our various constituencies' and their needs, perceptions and attitudes towards the shíshálh Nation as we advance our interests and governance over our lands. The Communications department is charged with differentiating the shíshálh Nation and maintaining our distinct brand and cultural image.

In addition, we are a key part of the strategic team for communications about the shíshálh Nation and a primary point of contact for accurate information about the Nation. We are leaders in advancing and positioning the Nation as a world-class First Nation’s organization and in forecasting and managing emerging issues, including crisis communications. The communications Department is a reflection of the Chief and Council, the CAO, and the Directors on behalf of the interests of each individual member of the shíshálh Nation with a wide range of diverse constituencies including First Nations communities across Canada, federal, provincial and municipal governments, news media, political leaders, political allies, taxpayers, community leaders, etc.

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